1. Booking / order

When booking a "contract of carriage" is concluded. This can be done in writing, by e-mail, fax, by phone or by internet. This booking confirmation is an invariable and recognized part of the concluded contract of carriage with you. When concluding the contract, please make sure that your details about flight number, flight times / arrival times match the corresponding information on your plane ticket. Please also remember that for overseas flights, the departure date is not the arrival date. SMS is always based on the information provided by you and can not be held liable for misrepresented information. Reservations must be made 3 days before departure. Short-term reservations can only be made available subject to the remaining places; longer waiting periods may occur.


2. Liability

SMS can not be held liable for consequences of incorrect information provided by the customer. SMS shall be liable for the proper execution of the agreed passenger and baggage transports within the scope of the existing insurance and in so far as SMS is proven to be at a fault. SMS Transfer guests are obliged to inform SMS immediately in writing or by telephone of any change in their departure and arrival time or changes made after the order, otherwise the obligation to transport will expire. In case of a transfer by you or your tour operator to another departure or arrival flight, SMS must be informed immediately, at least 48 hours before the originally booked flight connection.


3. Warranty

SMS is not guaranteed in cases of unexpected roadblocks, unpredictable strikes, bankruptcies, flight delays or the advancement of departure and arrival times, damage caused by war and in cases of force majeure. In such cases, the cause of the damage is to be held liable. SMS will always try to rebook his guests on other vehicles, provided that this transfer takes place on the same day. However, an obligation of SMS does not exist.


4. Cancellation

Up to 5 days before departure free of charge. As from the 4th to the 2nd day 50% of the transport fee will be charged, as from the 2nd day 100% cancellation fees will apply.


5. Transfer too destination

Upon reservation, the passenger will be called 24 hours before departure and will receive the scheduled pick-up time. Changes to the pick-up time are considered communicated, if in the absence of the customer the customers answering machine / mailbox or the hotel has been informed of the information. If there are any delays of more than 10 minutes during the pick-up from our driver then please call us at the number 0043 - 662 - 8161 at the head office.


6. Return transfer

The driver will wait with a nameplate in the arrival hall.


7. Travel luggage

Two pieces of luggage per person are included in the price. Excess baggage, bicycles, golf bags, diving equipment and other bulky luggage are to be registered at the time of booking. SMS is not liable for following luggage content: animals, electronic devices, various trade and goods. Any type of luggage is subject to the transatlantic rules. Excess baggage and bulky luggage must be registered and can be charged separately as freight.


8. Disclaimer / General

SMS - Airport Transfer assumes no liability for technical failures of the Internet offer and the connected databases. There is basically no order and obligation to transport by SMS. Carriage prices are always based on the current price lists. The right to transport is only valid at the time specified by the customer. Complaints on the part of the customer are to be brought in writing 1 week after the trip at the latest.


9. Data processing / confidentiality / jurisdiction

SMS may process the data provided by the customer in so far as these are necessary for the execution of the contract. The customer expressly agrees that the collected data will only be used for operational processes. SMS commits itself to the customers / passengers to secrecy. The place of jurisdiction is Salzburg.


10. Salvatorian clause

If any provision of the contract or these terms and conditions or a future provision be wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable or later lose their legal validity or feasibility, so shall the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The same applies insofar as it should turn out that there is a regulatory gap. The parties agree that, instead of the invalid or unenforceable provisions or to fill the gap, an appropriate provision should be made which, as far as is legally possible, comes closest to what they intended or would have intended according to the spirit and purpose of the contract, if the ineffectiveness, impracticability or gap had been known. This also applies if the invalidity of a provision is based, for example, on a measure of performance or time prescribed in the contract (deadline); A legally compliant measure of performance or time (deadline or deadline), as close as possible to the desired, shall then be deemed agreed.


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