Frequently asked questions


What is meant by "collective transfer"?

This type of service offers an economical solution that transports different passengers travelling to the same airport or on a similar route. We pick you up at your front door, so you don't have to worry about anything. Travel time is increased to allow collection and drop-off of different passengers. On your way back from the airport to your home destination we try to avoid waiting times longer than 60 minutes after your registration at our transfer counter.


What is meant by "private transfer"?

This type of service offers a comfortable and time-saving solution that transports you (and family/friends travelling with you) to your wished destination. Our driver picks you up wherever you want and brings you straight to your destination without any stops or additional waiting times (maximum 2 boarding points per vehicle). You can sit back and relax. We make your journey stress-free and as relaxing as possible.


How can I book my transfer?

The easiest way to book your transfer is to fill in the booking form on our website. You can also call our 24-hours-hotline +43 (0)662 8161-0 or send us an e-mail. Further many travel agencies in Austria and Bavaria can book the transfer for you.


How long in advance can I book my transfer service?

It is highly recommended to book as early as possible. It is advisable to book at the same time you book your flights.


How shortly can I book my transfer service?

We accept your booking up to 72 hours prior to depature. Last minute bookings are usually no problem, but only through notification by phone.


How long is the booking centre available?

Our booking centre in Salzburg is available for all your questions and requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.


Can I cancel my reservation / booking again?

If the reservation is canceled up to 5 days before the intended transfer: free of charge.

If the reservation is canceled by 4 to 2 days before the intended transfer: 80%.

If the reservation is canceled less than 2 days before the intended transfer or no show: 100%.


How are the prices calculated?

Our rates are calculated on the basis of different zones.

There is a fixed price which you can find on our website or by calling our 24-hour-hotline at +43 (0) 662 8161-0.


Are there any discounts?

Yes, there discount for children, which travel with you - please use our inquiry form to get the exact quotation.


Do you cater for baby seats?

For our young passengers we provide child seats. This service is free of charge. When booking please inform us about the exact age of your child. Otherwise we can not guarantee it.


What is the baggage policy for transfer?

Each passenger may carry two pieces of baggage. Any excess baggage must be declared when you make a service booking request and has to be paid separately.


Can I carry bulky luggage?

The entrainment of excess and bulky luggage (like buggy, golfing bag, bicycles, diving gear) is possible upon agreement and will be granted only if registered and reconfirmed at the time of the booking.


Can I bring my dog or pet with me?

Yes, it is possible to bring your pet with you upon agreement and if registered and reconfirmed at the time of the booking. You must have a correctly sized container to carry your pet, otherwise we may refuse travel for your pet.


How do I meet the driver at the airport?

At Munich airport the meeting point with your driver is in the central area in terminal 1 at the "SMS Airport Transfer" counter. It is easy to find. In case you should have any difficulty please ask at the airport information desk. They will indicate you the way.

At Vienna airport you will meet your driver at the seatings directly by the exit to "level 1" (down to Train Station) after leaving the security area.

In Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt and Innsbruck your driver is waiting for you in the area after the security checkpoints, holding a panel with your name written on it.

If you have booked a collective transfer we pick you up from your front door in a minibus with a maximum of 7 other passengers (if it is permitted regarding the traffic rules) and take you to your destination. On your return we try to avoid waiting times longer than 60 minutes after your registration at our transfer counter at the airport. Sometimes it might happen that you and your driver don't find each other, or that your driver on his way to the airport is coming late for a few minutes. In those rare cases, please do not leave the airport building, but wait at the information counter in the arrival hall. For emergencies please call our service team in Salzburg dialing the following number: +43 (0) 662 8161-0. We are available for you 24 hours a day and we will be pleased to assist you with any kind of questions and problems.


What happens if my flight is not on schedule?

In case your flight is delayed your driver will be waiting for you. If the delay is too long we will rebook you on the next appropriate transfer. We always give you the guarantee that we will bring you to your dstination. But we ask for your understanding if in these cases, a longer waiting period is required.


Can I book if I don't have a credit card?

When booking through our website we only accept payments by credit card. If you send us your request by mail or give us a call you will be able to pay your transfer using cash the moment you get into the car.


For all further information feel free to contact our competent service team in Salzburg:

+43 662 81 61-0 or email us: sms@flughafentransfer.at